about us

ARC Solutions is an executive real estate development, government contracting, environmental engineering, and waste management consulting firm. We assist our clients through the complete cycles of the land development process, aid clients in obtaining government contracts and provide environmental and waste management services to companies. In addition to this, ARC Solutions is passionate about creating real estate investment opportunities for women and has a BuildHer Investment Fund for women. Whether you need consulting services or are looking for your next investment opportunity, we are here to help.

Here, at ARC Solutions we evaluate each individual project and develop a tailored and strategic game plan to properly execute and achieve the desired goals of our clients. Our expertise in over $50 Million in Real Estate Development projects coupled with our in-depth project management plans creates a recipe for success for all projects. Contact us today to see how we can best help you. We look forward to serving you!

Anika Carter is the President and CEO of ARC Solutions, where she provides impeccable consulting services in the areas of real estate development, government contracting, and environmental engineering services. Anika’s mission for ARC Solutions is to serve everyday people by turning their real estate dreams into reality. ARC Solutions was born out of Anika’s passion and experience with real estate development and investment, construction management, and engineering. She is an alumnus of Georgia Tech where she obtained a degree in Environmental Engineering and a concentration in Civil Engineering. Although she has always wanted to improve the quality of life for those around her, it was at Georgia Tech where she discovered she could have this impact by creating sustainable developments and participating in city planning. Through her real estate endeavors, ARC Solutions has provided over 100 jobs for the community, created homes for families, and spurred the economic development of communities. Her goal for her clients is by the time clients finish their consulting services, they feel confident and equipped to complete their project and have the same impact in their respective communities.

Additionally, Anika is a real estate investor. She now provides the opportunity for women around the world to obtain their own real estate investment properties through the BuildHer Membership and BuildHer Investment Fund. Anika believes that everyone should be an informed and equipped investor. Through the BuildHer Membership, ladies will have the opportunity to become exclusive investors on the BuildHer projects. Check out the BuildHer page for more information. 

Anika’s compassion to serve others and mission to improve the quality of life for those around her has afforded her great opportunities which she wishes to continue through serving her clients in ARC Solutions!

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