BuildHer Membership Program
The BuildHer Membership program is designed to educate, inspire and empower women, such as yourself, in the areas of business solutions, health and wellness, womanhood, finances, and entrepreneurship. As a member of BuildHer, you will have exclusive access to our monthly events, workshops and seminars (virtual and in-person), weekly accountability checks and accountability partners, a private networking platform, and a growing community of women excited to cheer you on!
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Sis, it's time you start showing up as the woman you’ve been called to be!

BuildHer exists to help you break the cycle of blocked generational wealth and provide you with the resources you need to grow.

You owe it to yourself to show up as your best self. 

what we are all about:

Private events tailored for BuildHer members

Extensive networking opportunities

Exclusive Access to the BH Business and Financial Curriculum

BH discounts and freebies on merchandise

Exclusive Community and Accountability

Exclusive Access to the BH Investment Fund

The BuildHer
Investment Fund

The BuildHer Investment Fund is an investment fund for women to own real estate investment properties around the world. The BuildHer Fund has been created for women to obtain 100% women owned projects including new construction properties and acquisition of multi-family unit properties, commercial and residential developments and more.The BuildHer Fund will be accepting accredited and non-accredited investors for the next 18 months. BuildHer is preparing to acquire a 25 unit apartment complex in 2023.